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How Do Schools Benefit?

Increased Student Volunteerism                                        [Register Now Free]                                                    

My Volunteer PlaceTM network promotes student volunteerism by creating easy access for students to be able to find volunteer opportunities. Schools benefit from this increase in total student volunteer hours through the increased recognition of your school to be a leader in active student involvement in the community and by attracting prestigious higher education colleges and universities that want graduates that have demonstrated exceptionism by serving the community with their time and commitment.

Why do the students at my school need MVP?

It only takes minutes for the students to sign up! MVP's online community network eliminates the need for the current paper and pen process of hunting down paper volunteer forms and gathering the needed signatures to get volunteer hours approved to fulfill volunteer requirements for graduation and for acceptance in to certain distinguished honors societies. In the current process, students many times end up losing signed cards or forgetting to turn them in on time and their volunteer work would end up not being counted toward the hours that should be credited.  

What can MVP do to help our school?

Many times, schools have parent volunteers that spend countless hours collecting, confirming, and accumulating data to tally up student volunteer hours in order to recognize those students for their time and commitment. MVP does this for you! Our automated system is designed so that the students can easily get their volunteer hours approved online from the organization. Easy access to student MVP Volunteer Transcripts are available to your school at your request! 


What other benefits does MVP provide for students?

Students will also have access to posted scholarship opportunities that they may not have otherwise known. The MVP system allows organizations to post scholarship opportunities for the students to be able to apply.  

How are organizations approved on MVP?

The organizations that sign up do not have immediate access to the system. There is a screening and approval process with specific criteria that must be met before they are approved and can post volunteer opportunities.

How can my school help?

By making this website available to your students, you are not only helping to promote increased student volunteerism and fostering a school culture that believes in a new generation of student leaders that focus on helping others in need, but you are also helping to give your students a better path and opportunity for acceptance in to colleges and universities that are looking for students with exceptional work in philanthropy.  

Copy and paste this link to your school website:

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How do I register my school with MVP and how much does it cost?

It's free! Click here to  Become a Participating School

How can I contact MVP if I have further questions? 

For further information or inquiries, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We try to answer inquiries as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 48 hours for feedback to your questions. 


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