Helping Young Volunteers of Today
Become Leaders of Tomorrow.




What is My Volunteer Place?

My Volunteer PlaceTM network is an innovative 501c3 nonprofit community volunteer system that promotes youth civic engagement and caters to the individual student and their needs. This service specifically empowers the students to create volunteer connections with organizations, spotlight their service and accomplishments in a revolutionary new civic engagement MVPTM transcript, initiate the process of approval for volunteer hours worked, receive documented recognition for social responsibility, and apply for scholarship opportunities all in one place.

Why is there a need for MVP? 

This process eliminates the need for the current paper and pen process of hunting down paper volunteer forms and gathering the needed signatures to get volunteer hours approved to fulfill volunteer requirements for graduation and for acceptance in to certain distinguished honors societies. In the current process, students many times end up losing signed cards or forgetting to turn them in on time and their volunteer work would end up not being counted toward the hours that should be credited. This is also a more environmentally friendly process and eliminates the waste associated with the paper and pen process.

How does My Volunteer Place help students?

Teenagers and college students are constantly looking for ways to spend their time being with friends. Research shows that helping others in need directly benefits us by relieving stress, taking the focus out of the things we don't have and giving us a sense of accomplishment which betters our self-esteem. It's time our youth have a chance to feel important and connected by making a positive difference in our world and finding avenues to become the next generation of leaders.

Our Mission

Inspiring young people by building volunteer relationships and promoting social responsibility through a community volunteer network where individuals with similar interests come together to pursue a common cause to help others.  

Our Vision

A new generation of youth making a positive difference in the world and inspiring each other to engage in global philanthropy.


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My Volunteer Place

Helping Young Volunteers of Today Become Leaders of Tomorrow.

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